What is going on at Addison Road Community Centre?

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Currently home to two recycling centres, many art studios, a bush music club this place is a beautiful centre reclaimed from the defense force in the 1970’s to promote community. In the last year things have been heating up with a new general manager shaking things up

Today, I was lucky enough to get a word with Sydney singer/songwriter/spoon-player Rex Havoc who was waving “No Bingo” placards at the markets. A lot of he said is summarised in these articles by altmedia.net.au with “Culture of intimidation” and “Addison Rd circus: Bingo jumps into ring“.


He said

The Addison Road Centre rent the 9 acres of land and buildings from the NSW Government for a peppercorn rental of $1,500 per annum. They collect $489,000 per annum in rent from the tenants and are trying to increase rents by up to 90% but will not tell the community what their plans are. Something fishy going on here.

Here at Lurkerlust we have our two cents to add.

1) For-profit Bingo is a terrible use of a community hall.

2) Kicking out Terry Cutcliffe and the Gallery would be a massive loss for the community. If you’ve ever wandered in you would know the art is spectacular and free! When the art gets sold you can be sure that the artist gets paid properly. How many other galleries selling indigenous art can say this?

The struggle for Addison road is not lost. You can contribute here:

  1. Sign this petition to encourage the Hon. Katrina Hodgekinson MP to officially investigate the management of the community centre and make suggestions.
  2. Join Occupy Addison Road Gallery on facebook and attend the events.
  3. Talk to your people and stay involved with the campaign!


Yours lurkfully,

Weary and The Lurkers

Money and Mining Men

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Download, listen and rate our new song ‘Mining Man’ free here!

The last year has been great for us as a band with highlights including a baby(!) and new album and performing at Woodford Folk Festival. For me this last one was a dream since I first went there in 2004.

Devastatingly in the lead up we started hearing comments from friends about a Coal Seam Gas (CSG) company financing the festival. Santos is a major Australian oil and gas company that has been pushing CSG hard. Here is a map of CSG in NSW and Australia showing areas affected.

This was a dilemma. We want to play for the people. We don’t want to pay to play nor accept money from greenwashing miners. This has happened at a different small regional festival and the money we earned we gave to an environmental group to campaign against the miners.

So, either we boycott and no one hears our songs up there or we play and take money from a CSG company? We figured we’d find out what was going on up there, play it by ear and drove up there in our silly yellow van with partners, friends and a new baby.

At the festival we saw “Artists against CSG” stickers and heard others talk about the problem on stage including a great poem from Peggy Seeger (here). Eventually it was our turn and we got up and played a new song called ‘Santos’. Our song encouraged people to Lock the Gate and got a great reception! It is always a massive relief when the audience sings along to a new song.

The festival directors decided to put the funding from Santos on hold. In my opinion this was because of community members who went to the sponsorship meeting and were vocal about these concerns. The hold period was set till June 2012 to make a decision about whether or not to keep it. Do you know what happened at the meeting in June? I’m still

Since Woodford the CSG problem is not leaving us without a fight so we’ve kept on playing the song and recorded it for you. It’s a little different to the original performances but pretty true to form. If you want to hear it on triple j we need your help!

Visit the site triplejunearthed.com and listen, download and rate this song. Here is what ‘Cozzabags’ said

Another great track from the Lurkers – still my favourite band in this style of music!” Cozzabags 


Weary, Rat, Rocky and Pretty

Music Piracy

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Music Piracy

A well-written and clear argument for the way music and money should relate. 

Weary H.

Quit Coal takes over the Premier’s Office

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Photo: Concerned community members from rural Victoria and Melbourne locked on to protest against brown coal exports.

As I write there is a great protest against exporting brown coal going on with padlocks and chains in VIC Premier Ted Ballieu’s office. I learnt about this from call from a friend who is part of the Quit Coal group who asked me to sing a song for them over the loudspeaker. I feel hugely grateful to you for putting yourselves on the line in such an important battle.

The struggle for the climate and against coal is now greater than ever. Get involved! 

If you are from Victoria and want food bowls over coal quarrys call Ted (03 9651 5000) and ask him to explain his failed election promise to take action on climate change or contact Quit Coal.

Yours lurkfully, 

Weary and the Lurkers.

I’ve Fracked Everywhere Man

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Want to know what all the fracking fuss is about?

Ugly Reality of Fracking” Green Muze

Mine Threatens City Water” Ben Cubby, SMH 2010

England Suspends Coal Seam Gas Fracking” Mining Australia, June 2011

More info here at Coal Seam Gas Australia and Lock the Gate



Rollin’ into Sydney Town

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Rolling Stone have called Sal Kimber and The Rollin’ Wheel ‘Australiana-soaked alt-country at its finestThe Wheel have just released a new album produced by Shane O’Mara (Tim Rogers, The Audreys) and are touring it nationally at the moment.

The Rollin’ Wheel was formed in 2008 with older sister Beth Kimber, Jacob Cole, Cat Leahy and Trent McKenzie. Since then they’ve performed extensively across the country including Port Fairy Folk Festival, The National Folk Festival and Blue Mountains Music Festival and last year they toured Canada.

Last week, Evan Hughes interviewed Sal for the Timber and Steel blog (here) including a review of the album. You can get a signed copy of it from JB HI-FI or meet the gorgeous people in person and hear a rocking show!

Saturday 29th October at the Camelot lounge! 19 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville (corner of – and heaps of parking on – Railway Pde, Marrickville) Directly opposite Sydenham Train Station, a short 2 min stroll away.

Since I’m yet to get my hands on the new album, my favourite track is still Sounds Like Thunder



Occupying Sydney this weekend

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With three killer events this weeked, consider your weekend planned.
First, Friday Night in Marrickville is Food and Toonz at Addison Rd Community Centre where we’ll be performing
Music will include Johnny G and the E Types and Quimbombo, the latin band. We’ll be on early so come and get dinner and party.
Second, Saturday 2:30pm the global tradition of occupying the commons as a protest has come to Martin Place under the banner of Occupy Sydney. They say
We seek an end to the corporate stronghold over all governments. We seek an authentic democracy that represents the 99% majority – us. We hold corporate entities responsible for their crimes against us and the Earth. We are inspired by and stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters striving for liberty in North Africa and the Middle East, Europe and more recently, the United States.

Here they are on Facebook. Also, if you are in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or RAdelaide

Lastly, on Sunday TEDxMacquarie is on for the first time. We’ll be performing on all things radical using subversive bluegrass as our expressive medium in a 10minute lecture. The event is free from 10am-5pm with a live simulcast in Building Y3A. If you use the train to get there you’ll experience the wonder of three flights of esculators up to ground floor of the University.

Someone else who has played at TED. This is a video of Paul Kelly performing ‘How to Make Gravy’ at TED Sydney in June this year.