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Disaster strikes

Posted in Activism, Climate change, Copenhagen with tags , , , , on December 12, 2009 by Desert Rat Shorty

Punctures in both our inflatable roos. 1am and we are mounting a desperate repair operation in time for tomorrow’s mass rally.

A day with our two blow up roos and fascists.

Posted in Activism, Climate change, Copenhagen with tags , , , , , on December 8, 2009 by Desert Rat Shorty

Outside the conference we must have been close to the most sane activists with our blowup green and gold Kangaroos and yobbo c’mon aussie chants.

Lot’s of media attention again – you can see more of a wrap up here. And more tales of our adventures for that matter.

Today we competed for attention of the conference queue with the Larouche fascist loonies and people promoting global conversion to veganism as the key solution to Climate Change. It’s hard work but the masses trudging into the world changing talkfest got our message again about Australians wanting real action from Kevin Rudd and Co. Greenpeace gave us a free coffee, we met some lovely polish activists handing out free oak seeds to plant across Europe and met the only journalist at Copenhagen from Serbian media. The Polish activists, horrified at Australia’s hopeless reckon on climate change confided that the Polish government “are climate shitters too”.   Solidarity.

Tomorrow we will continue our grassroots activism as small bunch of young, non-affiliated Australians who want a safe future for us and our kids. We’ll mark up some new placards and hopefully find a spot closer to where Australian bureaucrats enter the conference.

ps. Larouche is a fascist lunatic who runs a cult that claims the world is being run by the British royal family and climate change is false and all left wing activists are part of a conspiracy to de-populate the earth. Today one of his cult members called us stupid australians because we have marsupials in our country and we care about our planet (work that logic out). I took great pleasure in calling him a fascist. When you meet a fascist call it how you see it.