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They’re keeping a file on me

Posted in Anarchism, ASIO, Climate Camp, Climate change, Culture, Hazelwood, Music, Police with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on November 30, 2010 by Desert Rat Shorty

It was nice to see so many fans with video cameras when we played at the Switch off Hazelhood protest last month.  Hazelwood power station is the most polluting power station in Australia.

At gigs, and even when we’re busking, people invariably take photos or videos.  I always wonder where on earth those dodgy videos end up…

I can only presume these coppers were desperate to show their mates back at the station the awesome Lurkers gig they missed out on.  Because if it was for ASIO, what the hell are they gonna do with a recording of The Lurkers playing Environmental Evangelism Makes no Friends?! 

Then again, maybe they were genuinely afraid of the protesters.  I know that nothing strikes fear into my heart quite like a papier mache globe.

There  so many cops at the protest, they had to get creative about their modes of transport.  We saw dirt bikes, helicopters, inflatable boats, 4WDs, horses. 

In fact I think the only transport mode missing was the elegant bicycle.  I guess that would have been too environmentally friendly for the occasion.

If you feel like doing something to save us all from the impending doom cause by climate change, join us at Climate Camp this weekend. 

If we’re in luck, we might even get a few cops turing up to The Lurkers songwriting workshop this Friday.  Cause nothing threatens the state quite like a rhyming couplet.

People’s occupation of the world’s biggest coal port

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Newcastle Harbour 3 hours north of Sydney has the dubious honour of being the world’s biggest coal port.  It’s where Australia exports climate change to the rest of the world.

The people’s occupation of the harbour is an annual event where people build dodgy rafts and other ‘sea worthy’ vessels and occupy the harbour for the day, stopping any coal ships from getting through.  Activism that involves swimming, lying on the beach and capsising hopeless raft building efforts..

Good times had by all!

On riots

Posted in Activism, Climate change, Copenhagen with tags , , , , , , , , on December 15, 2009 by Desert Rat Shorty

Last night: we went to see Anne Feeney and David Rovics play in Christiania. We played a wonderful gig with them a few nights back so went back to soak up more.

As we were about to leave the bar there was an announcement that there were major riots outside and noone should leave the venue. It was really smokey and as Australians we didn’t really concieve of what ‘major riot’ might constitute. We headed out the back door as the front entrance was bolted. Outside there was tear gas, explosions and lots of traumatised looking people. Suddenly it felt more scary than fun so we scooted back up the stairs to the safety of the bar. With nothing else to do we played guitar, shared folk songs with some Norgeigens and waited it out. Several hours later, by about 1am we decided to try again. There was still the smell of tear gas and hundred of riot police vans shining huge intimidating lights at us. Luckily we were a bit of a colourful rag tag crew in colourful beanies, a couple of guitars and a garbage bag of campaign t-shirts. The Norgeigans managed to talk our way through about 4 policw check points. We had to leave our bikes behind though cause they were in a lock down zone.

People we spoke to said the riot started when police raided a meeting where Naomi Klein was talking – planning for peaceful civil disobedience on Wednesday (tomorrow). The police started arresting people preemptively at the meeting, which sparked the whole thing off.

The Danish Government has passed some totally ridiculous laws for the duration of the conference with some highlights being:
– the police have the right to body search you without suspicion if you are in a search zone
– you have the right to be body searched by an oficer of your own sex, though the police are allowed to deny you this right
– the police are allowed to make a preventative arrest although you have done nothing illegal to prevent unlawful acts from happening.

So far my tactic for deescalating tensions is to sing happy songs, wear rainbow coloured socks and keep smiling.

There is also a video taken last night in Christiania here.

Aussie bloc at the world’s biggest climate protest

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Happy to report that the repair job with a bicycle repair kit and some sticky tape did the trick and one of our blow up roos survived to represent us Australian’s at the mass rally in Copenhagen yesterday. We started with just 4 of us but our songs quickly drew other Aussies like moths to a flame. In the end there we’re about 12 of us (though the Danes walking next to us said it sounded like double, due the the gusto of our singing). We even had a few honourary members – a New Zealander, and American who was married to an Australian. Some Danes also joined in and translated our cries of ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie, cut the coal!’ into Danish.

Overall the Australian contingent definately punched above our weight in noise and colour and passion in the rally. Let’s hope Penny Wong and the Australian negotiators decide to punch above their weight in the negotiations instead of sitting on their hands and trying to do as little as possible.

Here we are at the end of the march.  It’s about 4:30pm, and we’d been marching in the total dark for maybe 45mins.  It’s a strange cultural experience, having a mass rally in the dark.

Tonight: activism of  a musical nature as we play a gig with David Rovics and Anne Feeney at the Raahuset – one of the activist hubs around Copenhagen.

Disaster strikes

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Punctures in both our inflatable roos. 1am and we are mounting a desperate repair operation in time for tomorrow’s mass rally.

A day with our two blow up roos and fascists.

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Outside the conference we must have been close to the most sane activists with our blowup green and gold Kangaroos and yobbo c’mon aussie chants.

Lot’s of media attention again – you can see more of a wrap up here. And more tales of our adventures for that matter.

Today we competed for attention of the conference queue with the Larouche fascist loonies and people promoting global conversion to veganism as the key solution to Climate Change. It’s hard work but the masses trudging into the world changing talkfest got our message again about Australians wanting real action from Kevin Rudd and Co. Greenpeace gave us a free coffee, we met some lovely polish activists handing out free oak seeds to plant across Europe and met the only journalist at Copenhagen from Serbian media. The Polish activists, horrified at Australia’s hopeless reckon on climate change confided that the Polish government “are climate shitters too”.   Solidarity.

Tomorrow we will continue our grassroots activism as small bunch of young, non-affiliated Australians who want a safe future for us and our kids. We’ll mark up some new placards and hopefully find a spot closer to where Australian bureaucrats enter the conference.

ps. Larouche is a fascist lunatic who runs a cult that claims the world is being run by the British royal family and climate change is false and all left wing activists are part of a conspiracy to de-populate the earth. Today one of his cult members called us stupid australians because we have marsupials in our country and we care about our planet (work that logic out). I took great pleasure in calling him a fascist. When you meet a fascist call it how you see it.