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They’re keeping a file on me

Posted in Anarchism, ASIO, Climate Camp, Climate change, Culture, Hazelwood, Music, Police with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on November 30, 2010 by Desert Rat Shorty

It was nice to see so many fans with video cameras when we played at the Switch off Hazelhood protest last month.  Hazelwood power station is the most polluting power station in Australia.

At gigs, and even when we’re busking, people invariably take photos or videos.  I always wonder where on earth those dodgy videos end up…

I can only presume these coppers were desperate to show their mates back at the station the awesome Lurkers gig they missed out on.  Because if it was for ASIO, what the hell are they gonna do with a recording of The Lurkers playing Environmental Evangelism Makes no Friends?! 

Then again, maybe they were genuinely afraid of the protesters.  I know that nothing strikes fear into my heart quite like a papier mache globe.

There  so many cops at the protest, they had to get creative about their modes of transport.  We saw dirt bikes, helicopters, inflatable boats, 4WDs, horses. 

In fact I think the only transport mode missing was the elegant bicycle.  I guess that would have been too environmentally friendly for the occasion.

If you feel like doing something to save us all from the impending doom cause by climate change, join us at Climate Camp this weekend. 

If we’re in luck, we might even get a few cops turing up to The Lurkers songwriting workshop this Friday.  Cause nothing threatens the state quite like a rhyming couplet.

Enviro Art

Posted in Music with tags , , , , , on April 19, 2010 by Weary Hobo

Dear Lurkers,

Here is a short post about three Australian artists who inspire me.

First, this is the latest quality video in a series on climate produced by a great young guy Rohan Porteous and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. The ideas are not new but I appreciate this video cos it is simple, engaging and not conceited.

Another lovely artist I’ve only come across recently is Lisa Roberts. She concentrates on the issues around Antartica and uses the medium of animation.

Last, and my fav, is Erland Howden. He has a massive passion for the environment and this is shown cos a lot of the images of the enviro movement in Sydney uses his work.

This was taken in the Styx Vally in Tasmania in 2004 when we travelled to experience some of the old growth forests that are under threat of being logged