Historic Day

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The moment to remember happened today. In case you missed the Clean Energy Bill passing the lower house I’ve captured the moment for you.

I was so excited I wet my pants twice then recorded a guitar backing track the The World Today’s story about the event. See below:



Protesting with Michael Jackson

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When you think of Protest Songs you might think of John Lennon, Sam Cooke and Pete Seeger. But what about Michael Jackson, The White Stripes or Lady Gaga?

Not so conventional but when Riff Raff Radical Marching Band rock them out at protests around Sydney they get people singing and having a laugh.

Riff Raff say

we are a bunch of friends who got tired of boring protests and started a fabulous marching band in 2010!  We play at community events, coal ports, solidarity demonstrations, artyhipsterthings, fundraisers, and on the streetz!

These musical protestors follow in the tradition of marching bands from USA such as the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, Infernal Noise Brigade and Brass Liberation Orchestra. Here is Rude Mechanical Orchestra performing Smash-A Bank Polka performed at Occupy Wall Street!

If you are interested they are looking for sweet new members and supporters! Including people that can play trombone, trumpet, clarinet, sax, flute, euphonium/tuba, and any forms of percussion.


Have you been to DEJA?

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DEJA is a monthly band night at crafty venue called Bandhouse that gives punters a chance to hear local bands for donation entry.

Last night bucketing rain forced the music inside and while the movement was on I filmed this mystery drummer.

Next month we’ll be there with a bunch of amazing bands including Doc Jones and the Lechery Orchestra, Kylie Sambo, Svelt and new bluegrass collective Hayfever.

Saturday 5th Nov, 2011. For more details email mail(at)lurkers.com.au



Wall Street Occupation continues

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The contagion of revolution has spread to the USA where there is an uprising against corporate greed and it sounds like this provided by Radiohive collective. Radiohive Collective are a group of thinkers, players, and activists aspiring to create an informative and potentially volatile experience for free, international, non-commercial radio.

Today is the thirteenth day of the citizens occupation of Wall St. As you may imagine, the police have reacted violently to protests in the main financial district of the country and people putting up tents at Zucotti Park.

This is a recap of the twelth day by Occupy Wall Street.

According to Holly Stewart (newjersey.com) USA news sources have been ignoring the civil disobediance and police brutality. There has been some coverage from SBS but not for a week or so.


Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

My senior year of high school my parents lost our house to foreclosure. after being homeless for a short time Our 5 person household was forced to move into a 2 bedroom apartment. My dad was laid off from work a couple months ago after working for the same company for 17 years, he is a U.S immigrant, but also a USA Veteran, but can’t seem to get disability or unemployment [he has a bad back and arthritis in his knees]. My family is supported by my moms income alone.I’m the first person in my entire family to go to college. I’m a senior now and when I graduate I will be in debt $23,750. I want to be able to help my family, and to be strong for them, but I don’t even think I’ll be able to find a job. I am the 99%

So, who are these people and why are they doing it? The photo above comes from The 99 Percent and tells just one moving story.

Edit 3rd October



Reclaim the Lanes

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Were you there this Saturday?

The rain didn’t keep us away from Reclaim the Lanes. The video below is an explanation and history of the event from the founder of its latest incarnation Chris Lego and organiser Sophie Trevitt.

I was disappointed that the rain meant The Crooked Fiddle was put back in its case. However, there was a great bit of Old-Timey with the Sydney-based Rusty Spring Syncopators and plenty more to be entertained by.

Here is one of their numbers called ‘Smackin’ the Sex’

Edit 3rd Oct.

And here is a bit of home footage of these rapskallions at Eliza Bar for the last night of Sydney Fringe Festival. Elizabeth Cotton’s ‘O Babe It Ain’t No Lie



Kate Bover and Ethan Miller

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If you’ve been wandering around Sydney’s inner west this week you might have seen this poster up and about. Some people have taken to pasting them up also.

Exciting! The previous poster was a mistake however. We were so excited about the possible availability of Ethan Miller to perform at the launch that we rushed ahead and printed posters saying as much. Alas, Ethan was unavailable and we were lucky enough to find the wonderful Cody Dillon! We still love Ethan’s music so this post is about them.

Invisible Hand by Kate Bover and Ethan Miller from the trio Northern Spy with Seth Yentes on Cello.

Mama’s Song by Kate Bover This is a lovely banjo and vocal track by Kate Bover.

Kate Boverman & Ethan MillerThey are part of an excellent collective called Riot Folk who are an anti-profit music collective working from the principles of anti-oppression and anti-capitalism. They say they do not wish to capitalize on their music, but use it as a tool or a weapon against capitalism.

There are seven other groups in the collective with a bunch of great radical music and from their schedule they look like they are busy touring They’ve been going since 2004! It looks like a good way of sharing the costs of being a performer while the benefits are synergised. You can find out more about them and their system at their website Riot Folk.

And a little more of a taste All Hands on Deck by Ryan Harvey

Mountain Top Mountain Song by Ryan Harvey



London Riots

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With all the rioting in the world at the moment, some revolutionary and some violent looting I appreciated hearing about ‘August Riots – the anarchists perspective’ collected by Freedom Press and published online by Indymedia London.