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Reclaim the Lanes

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Were you there this Saturday?

The rain didn’t keep us away from Reclaim the Lanes. The video below is an explanation and history of the event from the founder of its latest incarnation Chris Lego and organiser Sophie Trevitt.

I was disappointed that the rain meant The Crooked Fiddle was put back in its case. However, there was a great bit of Old-Timey with the Sydney-based Rusty Spring Syncopators and plenty more to be entertained by.

Here is one of their numbers called ‘Smackin’ the Sex’

Edit 3rd Oct.

And here is a bit of home footage of these rapskallions at Eliza Bar for the last night of Sydney Fringe Festival. Elizabeth Cotton’s ‘O Babe It Ain’t No Lie



Winterland festival at Carriageworks

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100% Renewable Energy campaign launch

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Yesterday we played at Climate Action Newtown’s launch for the national grassroots campaign for 100% renewable energy.  The campaign is about phasing out dirty energy sources like coal and sourcing all of our energy from renewable sources like wind, solar, geothermal and wave power.

Image by Dallas Gentilcor

The campaign is a national effort coordinated by climate action groups around Australia.  There’s more photos from the Newtown launch here.

Image by Dallas Gentilcor

I couldn’t resist including this awesome picture from the Sutherland launch…

sutherland climate action

Find out more about the national campaign for 100% renewable energy here.

Reclaim the lanes!

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Let’s have more dancing in the streets more often

Reclaim the lanes Enmore Rd

I can't think of a better way to reduce car traffic on Enmore Rd

Lurker Nick reclaiming the lanes

Lurker Nick before getting covered in mud

Somewhere in the back streets of Enmore

Somewhere in the back streets of Enmore

What’s the difference between Sydney and Berlin?

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Magnificent street art covers almost every surface in Berlin

image by nomsaleena

Meanwhile… City of Sydney Council has a 24 hour graffiti response team hell bent on destroying culture and community

Image from SMH

Berlin is coated in a paper mache veneer of artistic, political and music posters advertising gypsy-punk-soul-rap-fusion

Image by Bastien!

City of Sydney ‘generously’ provides a single pillar per suburb for the community to put posters on (sorry about the crap photo… )

The result?  Berlin has a well deserved reputation as a beating heart of art and culture.  Sydney is becoming more sterile by the day as all signs of grassroots community are systematically removed, from garage sale signs, to street art and political posters.