What is going on at Addison Road Community Centre?


Currently home to two recycling centres, many art studios, a bush music club this place is a beautiful centre reclaimed from the defense force in the 1970’s to promote community. In the last year things have been heating up with a new general manager shaking things up

Today, I was lucky enough to get a word with Sydney singer/songwriter/spoon-player Rex Havoc who was waving “No Bingo” placards at the markets. A lot of he said is summarised in these articles by altmedia.net.au with “Culture of intimidation” and “Addison Rd circus: Bingo jumps into ring“.


He said

The Addison Road Centre rent the 9 acres of land and buildings from the NSW Government for a peppercorn rental of $1,500 per annum. They collect $489,000 per annum in rent from the tenants and are trying to increase rents by up to 90% but will not tell the community what their plans are. Something fishy going on here.

Here at Lurkerlust we have our two cents to add.

1) For-profit Bingo is a terrible use of a community hall.

2) Kicking out Terry Cutcliffe and the Gallery would be a massive loss for the community. If you’ve ever wandered in you would know the art is spectacular and free! When the art gets sold you can be sure that the artist gets paid properly. How many other galleries selling indigenous art can say this?

The struggle for Addison road is not lost. You can contribute here:

  1. Sign this petition to encourage the Hon. Katrina Hodgekinson MP to officially investigate the management of the community centre and make suggestions.
  2. Join Occupy Addison Road Gallery on facebook and attend the events.
  3. Talk to your people and stay involved with the campaign!


Yours lurkfully,

Weary and The Lurkers

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