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Happy New Years from Peats Ridge!

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Happy New Years! I know it’s late. But think of it as a fire-up for 2011! Here are my favourite bits of Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts and Music Festival 2010.

The Lurkers

Come to a far away place. Across Hawksbury River, over Peats Ridge and down the dusty road into Glenworth Valley

Meet the locals. They’re very friendly if a little eccentric.

Wandering entertainment

Enjoy the wildlife. Great for children of all ages.

Less wandering entertainment

And, in the Chai Temple was The Lurkers!

Desert Rat Shorty

Pretty Boy Floyd

With Desert Rat Shorty, Pretty Boy Floyd and Weary Hobo

Weary Hobo

Some in the crowd went wild, occasionally spilling frappéd Indian spiced tea onto woven cushions. However, most punters saved their frivolity for paddles in the refreshing creek preferring instead to appreciate the show by moving as little as possible unless to fan themselves.

Re-live the sweaty pleasures of this festival here and watch this video called 15Mb of Fame by Punk Monk Propaganda. 15Mb of FAME is a fast & furious crowd sourced initiative.  All footage was shot by roaming punks meets festival goers and edited on site during the festival & screened in the Rejenr8 geodesic dome [Land of Hopeless Utopians] and on the main stage [the Bellbird], NYE. This is the original version as it was shot & cut on site in those preceding 48 hours of the festival then screened that very same night.

Waking up on New Years Day, The Lurkers continued the adventure down past Bega to Tathra to record our musical subversion at the eclectic Pirate Studios with Dave from Lime Spiders. To be continued…


Weary H.

P.S.  Many thanks to the talented Mark Snelson for letting us use his photos here

We’re playing at Peats Ridge Festival

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Peats Ridge Festival