Kate Bover and Ethan Miller

If you’ve been wandering around Sydney’s inner west this week you might have seen this poster up and about. Some people have taken to pasting them up also.

Exciting! The previous poster was a mistake however. We were so excited about the possible availability of Ethan Miller to perform at the launch that we rushed ahead and printed posters saying as much. Alas, Ethan was unavailable and we were lucky enough to find the wonderful Cody Dillon! We still love Ethan’s music so this post is about them.

Invisible Hand by Kate Bover and Ethan Miller from the trio Northern Spy with Seth Yentes on Cello.

Mama’s Song by Kate Bover This is a lovely banjo and vocal track by Kate Bover.

Kate Boverman & Ethan MillerThey are part of an excellent collective called Riot Folk who are an anti-profit music collective working from the principles of anti-oppression and anti-capitalism. They say they do not wish to capitalize on their music, but use it as a tool or a weapon against capitalism.

There are seven other groups in the collective with a bunch of great radical music and from their schedule they look like they are busy touring They’ve been going since 2004! It looks like a good way of sharing the costs of being a performer while the benefits are synergised. You can find out more about them and their system at their website Riot Folk.

And a little more of a taste All Hands on Deck by Ryan Harvey

Mountain Top Mountain Song by Ryan Harvey



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