The Johnny Cash Project

This is a video of the song is ‘There Ain’t No Grave’ by Johnny Cash. The video was developed by putting together snippets of footage from Johnny Cash’s life.

This footage was then uploaded onto a website that is interactive. Artists could and still can take individual frames as inspiration for their image. These images are then rated by other people – artists or viewers – and then the film gets woven together like that, frame by frame, person by person.

Here is a short clip explaining the idea and who helped make it happen.

Here is the website where you can choose which images you want in the video. You can also draw your own image for the film. I really like that the film is ever-changing as new images get voted as more popular.

The Johnny Cash Project

Johnny Cash was a great topic for the project. For me, his music and art was a process of finding himself through his audience. This is one opportunity for the audience to reflect what they saw of him back to him – or back to the ether at least.










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