Right-wingers Tricked by Trojan Shirts

The t-shirts had a secret message. (Click to enlarge the photo and see the before and after images.) 

Fans at a recent right-wing extremist rock festival in Germany thought they were getting free T-shirts that reflected their nationalistic worldview. But after the garment’s first wash they discovered otherwise. The original image rinsed away to reveal a hidden message from an activist group.”

Exit Deutschland, a group that helps people get out of the neo-Nazi scene, made shirts that change when washed to reveal a different image. Participants were given these shirts at a right wing extremists rock festival sponsored by the right-wing extremist German NPD. The shirts had a skull and crossbone and said “Hardcore Rebels – National and Free”. When washed it said –

If your T-shirt can do it, so can you. We’ll help to free you from right-wing extremism – Exit Deutschland

Some commentators have criticised this tactic saying you won’t change people’s minds by changing their shirts. I disagree. Right-wing extremists will now fear cleansing clothing lest their shirt speaks its mind. Inevitably, the neo-Nazis will adjust and turn into loveable, stinky, feral hippies.

And for your information Exit Deutschland is not a Euthanasia organisation. In fact it was founded a decade ago by a criminologist and a former neo-Nazi leader. According to the group’s estimates, they have helped some 400 right-wing extremists to escape the scene.


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