Lurkers, who are you?

As we all know, it is pretty easy to get general info about people who visit sites from analytics sites like google analytics. I’ve recently had a look into our sites (CrapBook,, this blog), and this one’s all about you.


There are some interesting bits about gender & age breakdown we get from Facebook. More of you are female than male. A third of you are under twenty-four. Still, we have fans of every age and more male fans over fifty-five than female. Also, three of you have put down that you speak English (Pirate).

Home is where the music is

Since we have played in Germany and Denmark it might be expected that people there visit the sites, but we are almost entirely NSW based band. Surprisingly, you call forty-six countries home.

  • Europe – U .K., Russia, France, Finland, Austria, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Neatherlands, Norway, Ukraine, Hungary, Macedonia, Turkey, Slovakia and Boznia & Herzegovina;
  • The Americas – USA, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Canada;
  • Asia/Pacific – China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, and NZ;
  • African Continent – South Africa, Tunisia;

And I’d especially like to acknowledge our fan from United Arab Emirates. When we get a fans in Iran, Uganda and Antartica I will be satisfied The Lurkers have made it.

When you visit us

During Copenhagen, this blog was a massive hit with about four hundred hits daily. More recently, The National Folk Festival got people interested in our online presence. You look at our sites on Sundays more than any other day and may prefer to look at our photos than listen to our music. No offense taken, Pretty Boy Floyd didn’t get his nickname by chance.

Still, we don’t get stats everywhere. Because of Crapbook’s excessive copyright demands we don’t put our songs on there. Our music is free to download on our website but we don’t have stats on that.

Bottomline is that these stats don’t tell me much about who you are. We would love to hear from you. Flick an email, post a card or invite us to come to your folk club. Whether you are in Uzbekistan or Uruguay, Torquay or Tunisia getting a hello just makes this interwebs place a little more homely.

Yours analytically,

Weary H. and The Lurkers

P.S. If you are lurking, Julia, congratulations on being the first elected female prime minister of our country. Hope you make it to artRiot on Saturday.

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