Doorknocking around Newtown

The eternally inspiring Climate Action Newtown have been doorknocking around Newtown in the seat of Grayndler in the lead up to the federal election.  Us Lurkers volunteered for a few afternoons knocking on doors and chatting with local people about what they think about climate change. The community consensus among people we spoke to was pretty clear:

  • 76% of residents said that the Federal Government is not doing enough to tackle climate change
  • 92% of people believe that Australia should develop a plan to move to 100% renewable energy
  • 77% of residents believe that the government should stick to its 2007 election commitment to put a price on carbon and make polluters pay
  • 83% residents believed that new energy in NSW should come from renewable sources rather than coal
  • 73% of residents were more likely or much more likely to vote for a candidate committing to a price on carbon and significant investment in renewable energy

Ingrid from Climate Action Newtown made this awesome little video of the doorknocking. We’re proud that Ingrid chose our song ‘Got My Boots On‘ as the soundtrack.

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