Music for Lay Me Down

Patrick Harte has kindly sent us his transcription for our song Lay Me Down.  We released our album (and accomanying songbooks) Shoot to the Moon under a creative commons licence to encourage non commercial creative uses for our work, and really appreciate Mark sharing his transcription so we can share it with the world.

One Response to “Music for Lay Me Down”

  1. Michael Purtell Says:

    This is a most beautiful song that touches at our tenderness for those folks we often live with who have a sickness or disability in our families
    -when I first heard the song it projected a resonance of an aging woman whose body had served its time for this world

    ” lay me down by the river where wild orchids grow ”

    but I then discovered that this song is about Niks grandmother who has alzheimers
    its message & music just seem to fit together so well -it seeped deep into my soul -I suppose I have fond memories of my mum whom I consider was my first and closest friend when I was young and to have seen her age and lose her very personality that I so enjoyed the company of just fade is very very sad

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