New recordings

The Lurkers spent last weekend down at a friend’s beach shack to work on some new recordings.  There’s still a long way to go before we have a new album, but we’re on the path – writing new songs, listening back and looking at how they might all fit together in a new album.

Our beach shack studio

Our beach shack studio

We recorded 17 tracks – some that we’ve been playing at gigs for a while – like ‘Aint done Nothing’ and ‘Little Crooked House’, some that we wrote after getting back from Copenhagen like ‘Kitchen’, ‘Skinny Man’ and ‘Peabody Coal’.  And some we’re working on some newies as well.


Playing on the verandah

We’re farming the recordings out to trusted ears to get feedback on how it all hangs together – at the moment I feel like the the balance is tipped too far towards slow songs and we need a few more hoedowns…  Can’t start a revolution in absence of the hoedown!  Though I’m voting to cut ‘Darlin you can’t love one’ from the mix – even though it’s fun it can get really annoying after a few plays.

Pretty and Weary

Pretty Boy Floyd and the Weary Hobo

Desert rat shorty

Desert Rat Shorty

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