16 tips for avoiding climate activism burnout

Cross-posted from The Skywriter — 1Sky’s Blog and grist.

“I have spent my lifetime face to face with some of the most brutal and inhumane acts ever committed, but nothing has been as traumatizing for me as trying to get action to tackle the climate crisis.” Gillian Caldwell 1SKY.

This lady is so genuine it floods across the planet and through the computer screen.

These videos were recorded in March 2009, when people were still hopeful for Copenhagen. I wrote a song after Copenhagen called ‘Kitchen’ inspired by the phenomenal activists I know from AYCC and ASEN (it’ll be on our new album coming out later this year). The ones who have dedicated their lives to solving the climate problem.

The thing about climate activists is that we can all do it and we can all be awesome. I used to worry that because I am a rubbish organiser I can be of no use to the climate movement. After two years of being a crap organiser I realised I should use what I am good at and help that way. Whether it is creating websites, cleaning up rubbish after a parade or listening to your climate activist friend winge over a glass of wine, everyone has their role in this movement.



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