100% Renewable Energy campaign launch

Yesterday we played at Climate Action Newtown’s launch for the national grassroots campaign for 100% renewable energy.  The campaign is about phasing out dirty energy sources like coal and sourcing all of our energy from renewable sources like wind, solar, geothermal and wave power.

Image by Dallas Gentilcor

The campaign is a national effort coordinated by climate action groups around Australia.  There’s more photos from the Newtown launch here.

Image by Dallas Gentilcor

I couldn’t resist including this awesome picture from the Sutherland launch…

sutherland climate action

Find out more about the national campaign for 100% renewable energy here.

3 Responses to “100% Renewable Energy campaign launch”

  1. The 10% Renewable Energy event at The Hub last Sunday was a knockout.

    The Lurker’s music stirred me to become more actively involved in promoting immediate government action to curb our burning of fossil fuels.

    Mark Diesendorf’s talk encouraged my belief that we can turn things around.

    Imagine what a ‘turned around’ global community will look like:

    Solar panels
    wind mills
    people walking, recycling, sharing …

  2. Hey Lisa,

    That’s exactly the kind of community climate action newtown imagines too!

    If you’re inspired to get more involved to make that vision a reality come along to climate action newtown meeting every Wednesday fortnight or join our supporters list! see: http://www.climateactionnewtown.org for more info.

    Its plenty of fun!


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