Pretty Boy’s black bandit finds new hands

Brandon Reid is the proud new player of Pretty Boy’s old six-string!

The Lurkers first heard Brandon when he played a great set at the Chai tent at the National Folk Festival last weekend. Brandon is from Alaska and plays his folk music with passion and bright-eyed wonder (listen here). I was lucky enough to song swap with him last night at The Workshop. He was playing a battered five-string and was struggling to finish his songs because of the top string slipping off the fret board.

Since Pretty Boy retired the black bandit on friday after purchasing a sparkling new taylor guitar, it seemed right that it should be offered to Brandon. Brandon was appreciative and delighted with the guitar. Look out for him if you are in Newcastle. We might even do some shows together!

Also, check out his fav band – The Avett Brothers. I’m a fan of ‘Paranoia in Bb Major’.


2 Responses to “Pretty Boy’s black bandit finds new hands”

  1. Hey! Don’t know if you saw it but the following day we filmed a silly little video clip and made a youtube account for him! Check it out here

  2. I saw Brandon play in newy last night at an open mic night he was really really good i bought a cd off him which im listening too now hehe.. what a great guy too!!

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