What’s the difference between Sydney and Berlin?

Magnificent street art covers almost every surface in Berlin

image by nomsaleena

Meanwhile… City of Sydney Council has a 24 hour graffiti response team hell bent on destroying culture and community

Image from SMH

Berlin is coated in a paper mache veneer of artistic, political and music posters advertising gypsy-punk-soul-rap-fusion

Image by Bastien!

City of Sydney ‘generously’ provides a single pillar per suburb for the community to put posters on (sorry about the crap photo… )

The result?  Berlin has a well deserved reputation as a beating heart of art and culture.  Sydney is becoming more sterile by the day as all signs of grassroots community are systematically removed, from garage sale signs, to street art and political posters.

One Response to “What’s the difference between Sydney and Berlin?”

  1. OOH!
    dont get me started on Sydney… beinginvolved with the council on more than one “Street art” project, it’s a divisive line.

    You see it’s “Street art” – richly tourist attractive and community building etc etc, wen it’s sanctioned or gets famous, but it’s graffitti the rest of the time.
    Thankfully that opinionis slowly changing i areas liek where I leave art. Slowly slowly we will help transform the viewpoints, adn meanwhile we’ll keep doing it anyway.
    Cheers for the great Berlin photos. Ilove it there exactly for the street art. And the dirty dirty clubs.

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