Photos from gigs in Copenhagen

At the Raahuset as part of the KlimaForum program.  We were honoured to share the stage with David Rovics and Anne Feeney.  There were about 100 activists packed into a room that would comfortably fit about 50 people.  The sound system broke down, so it was a totaly acoustic gig – but one of those magic times where the whole room is with you all night – even though people came from all over the world and spoke a myriad of different languages.

This was in a circus tent at Christiania – a free state that used to be army land until squatters moved in and set up a self governing autonomous community.  The police don’t like it (see our earlier post about the riots) but the 900 or so residents of Christiania have held their ground for over 30 years.

2 Responses to “Photos from gigs in Copenhagen”

  1. Excuse me I’m writting here… there’s no forum or such on the site. 🙂

    I downloaded your album (I’m sorry for that, but it’s very difficult to buy it in Russia). It’s great, thank you very much! I listen it everyday whole last month.
    Waiting for another one. Thank you once more. 🙂

    Tyumen (it’s in West Siberia), Russia.

  2. Hey Rashid,

    Hello to Russia from sunny Australia.

    No need to feel guilty! We put the music on the site cause we want you to be able to download it for free : ) It’s if people want the physical thing of the CD that we ask that they pay.

    Really glad you like it.

    xx Mithra

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