Aussie bloc at the world’s biggest climate protest

Happy to report that the repair job with a bicycle repair kit and some sticky tape did the trick and one of our blow up roos survived to represent us Australian’s at the mass rally in Copenhagen yesterday. We started with just 4 of us but our songs quickly drew other Aussies like moths to a flame. In the end there we’re about 12 of us (though the Danes walking next to us said it sounded like double, due the the gusto of our singing). We even had a few honourary members – a New Zealander, and American who was married to an Australian. Some Danes also joined in and translated our cries of ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie, cut the coal!’ into Danish.

Overall the Australian contingent definately punched above our weight in noise and colour and passion in the rally. Let’s hope Penny Wong and the Australian negotiators decide to punch above their weight in the negotiations instead of sitting on their hands and trying to do as little as possible.

Here we are at the end of the march.  It’s about 4:30pm, and we’d been marching in the total dark for maybe 45mins.  It’s a strange cultural experience, having a mass rally in the dark.

Tonight: activism of  a musical nature as we play a gig with David Rovics and Anne Feeney at the Raahuset – one of the activist hubs around Copenhagen.

One Response to “Aussie bloc at the world’s biggest climate protest”

  1. Andy Harris Says:

    You guys are a credit to us, unlike our lementable government. Thanks for keeping our hopes alive

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