Why are we here?

First full day in Copenhagen for the Lurkers and a day of cold rain and teetering hopes. For those who wonder Copenhagen is heaving with Climate Change campaign posters, effective networks of bike paths and affluent northern Europeans.

Denmark is hosting the next best chance our civilisation has of having a future home on earth and although our leaders (both elected and dictators alike) are bring the bear minimum of leadership to the conference of nations most people are happy for them to keep leading. Maybe we are collectively too busy shopping in the western world to really consider our future that will result if we fail to take radical action to arrest our heating earth. Or maybe activist just need to get our shit together more than ever before.

Standing in the Conference Centre line registering for an observer status access line for four hours I spent my time shuffling forward and listening in to the conversations between other activists in the que. most the long line seeking a lanyard seemed most concerned with how much they knew, and could impart to each other in superior terms to their fellow observers about when Obama was actually arriving and how that might effect the media focus of conference outcomes.

Earlier we spent most of the precious 14 days we have of potential world media (an subsequently potential for majority of world population focus) on strategy for the developing a plan for the next 14 days and to bore you with some details on such acronyms LULCF (Land Use Land Use Change and Forestry).

The concern for The Lurkers, and hopefully most people wanting effective action on climate change, these are activists who made the effort, expense and further carbon pollution through our travel to conduct planning meetings where the agreed list of requests of politicians can be imparted , discussed and re-formulated in the an environment movement policy wish list.


But what happens when our leaders say no. They say no to our requests, our demands and the pressing need to address global warming. That will be the likely outcome, and are we as a movement of concerned citizens are not ready to force our leaders to act.

We are ready to lobby, to set up plenary discussions as adjunct to UN conferences, ready to call ourselves activists while secretly wanting to be lead negotiators in meetings with Penny Wong, Kruddy and maybe even Barack himself.

Great ambition and those negotiation jobs need to be full-filled in the process but the truth is not enough people in our democracies and dictatorships care enough to force the hand of our leaders to act. At Copenhagen, for two short weeks, we have an opportunity to focus some more middle class, swinging voter mass power-brokers who make up the real political force in many of of countries. These people once engaged and focused on Climate Change can really make leaders think, assess their own power base and act the polluting profiteers who threaten our future.

Progress will be made at Copenhagen, I’m positive we can have an effect. I’m concerned that lobby politicians is being the made the focus of our environment movement rather than organising in communities so we all ask the right questions of Kruddy and the rest.

The Lurkers and Co will be doing our bit to get some important messages out to our homeland tomorrow morning as the conference opens at 10am. If we succeed you may see us on the news if we fail you’ll never know what we’re up to unless we blog on it tomorrow.


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