Why a creative commons licence?

The difference between the campground at a folk festival where audiences tend to be a bit on the grey haired side, and a festival like peats ridge where the audience is much younger- is that a folk festival camp ground is packed with people making their own music. I really hope that our generation remembers how to make music, and that we stop being so dependent on radio and mass media for our music. Music should be an activity, not a commodity.

That’s kinda the reason we’ve released our new album under a creative commons license. The creative commons licence means you can share the songs, sing them, burn them to give to your friends, use them in a play, and basically do what you want except make money from them. (Like for example if you wanted to record a cover of one of our songs to sell, we’d still expect royalties same as any other release).

Of course, if you want to own the object – the pretty printed cd in it’s beautiful (recycled) cardboard case with lyrics book and photos, then we ask that you pay for that bit. And we still own copyright of the songs themselves, and we would totally object to anyone using them for advertising or a commercial release. But for creative uses, go for your life!

You can get a copy of the CD from our website: www.lurkers.com.au. You can also download some of the songs for free as mp3s.

And keep singin and playin and keeping songs alive…

Shoot to the Moon

One Response to “Why a creative commons licence?”

  1. […] song Lay Me Down.  We released our album (and accomanying songbooks) Shoot to the Moon under a creative commons licence to encourage non commercial creative uses for our work, and really appreciate Mark sharing his […]

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