Definitions and explanations on ‘Lurkerism’, ‘Lurkers’ and ‘getting Lurked’

Lurkerism describes the growing politically progressive (left wing) movement of Anti-Humourless Political Activism

‘Lurkerism’ and it’s origins
Currently the movement consist of small group(s) of individuals who come together to attempt to expand the capacity of other individuals to question the more repressive (Conservative, Tory & Fascist) aspects of contemporary human society. This is done by developing, pursuing and performing artistic work (mainly music – generally due to the individuals’ lack of talents in other fields of artistic endeavour) but also through political campaigning and organising.

As a potent politically progressive movement ‘Lurkerism’ was first established by an Australian three piece homespun bluegrass/folk band, named ‘The Lurkers’ on Saturday the 22nd September 2007. The first meeting of the group, soon to be known as ‘The Lurkers’ occurred at a mutual friends ‘Climate Action Festival of Music.’ The mutual friend being Mr Erland Howden, who along with others at the festival recall a sense of being Lurked at the event, despite not, as yet being able to put a name to the sensation.

Quoted in Professor Andrew Bevshelkis book ‘Lurkerism – An end to the apathetic tendencies of wealthy westerners’ Mr Owen Pascoe, an attendee at the Climate Action Festival of Music told the author:

“It was like I knew things had to change and even before I knew I was into Lurkerism, obviously as it hadn’t like even been thought up then, I knew like, instinctively that I was being Lurked, like.”

A ‘Lurker’
Individual(s) whose campaigns and or performs acts of anti-humourless political activism with the express intention shifting their society in more progressive (politically left wing) direction.

The actual act of or performance of anti-humourless activity.

To be ‘Lurked’
Where an individual feels compelled to act on a political issue within his or her immediate community or global community as result of experiencing another individual(s) act of anti-humourless political activism/performance. Eg. ‘I/they have been ‘Lurked’.

‘Get Lurked’
A compulsion to either be activated or activate another individual(s) through acts of anti-humourless political performance or campaigning.

‘Feeling Lurky’
To sense social injustice in your immediate/global environment followed immediately by an urge to act on your concern.

‘Lurked Out’
The sense of dismay and or despondency when your actions (Lurker activities) fail to produce any progressive change. Or the feeling of depression after an act of ‘Lurkering’ fails to produce any progressive results.

‘Lurk’ definitions previous to ‘Lurkerism’ as a progressive movement

Original definition of ‘Lurk’
Be hidden, escape notice, exist unobserved, be latent.

Other definitions in the vernacular

‘Lurker’ & ‘Lurking’
Also in the vernacular lexicon a ‘lurker’ can be an individual who turns up to parties, often uninvited and attempts to chat up, and bed younger males or females at the party, usually with no success. This definition is quoted by former band member of ‘The Lurkers’, ‘Humpback Mo’ as being the inspiration for the name of the group that went on to develop ‘Lurkerism’ as progressive movement. One example of an actual ‘Lurker’ who best sums up this definition of Lurker is a man known to those who know him within the Lurker community as ‘The Cucumber’.

‘A Lurker’
A Lurker has also been used as nickname for solidly formed human excrement which fails to properly flush in a toilet after a visit by an individual to the facility. The ‘Lurker’ generally remains barely visible within the first loop of a the toilet’s S-bend until the next user prepares to sit on the toilet. Only at this point will the ‘Lurker’ reveal its full self without any clear indication of who originally produced it.

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